Steve Patterson – Host/Producer
A multiple Canadian Comedy Award winner and the host of The Debaters on CBC Radio. Steve enjoys learning, laughing, leaning to his left, marvelling at his wife’s mothering abilities, cycling (but not cycling shorts) playing sports (with people of equal or lessor athletic ability) winning water slide races against his 5 year old daughter, holding his baby Norah (not when she is in the act of peeing or pooing) drinking craft beer, drinking uncraft beer, and music (by talented musicians)

Diana Frances – Head Writer/Producer
Diana is an award-winning comedy writer, having just won a Canadian Screen Award for her writing on Corner Gas Animated (CTV/Comedy Network.) She has worked with Steve writing and producing many projects such as The Scotiabank Gilller Prize (CBC), The Writer’s Trust Awards, The Smart-Associates (CBC Digital) and The VSP Podcast. Diana has written for the Canadian Screen Awards (2019/18) Just for Laughs Galas (CTV/CBC), The Beaverton (CTV/Comedy Network), This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC), The Hour With George Stroumboulopoulos (CBC), Still Standing (CBC) and many more. Diana has also produced hundreds of corporate comedy events with her company Rock Paper Scissors.

Matt Klopot – Editor/Associate Producer/Videographer
The only person who wears more hats than Steve is Matt. From videographer and editor, to producer, graphics, and even some writing. Matt is a force not to be reckoned with.

Mostly in post, Matt has worked on projects for CBC, Food Network, Discovery, MotorTrendTV, and many more!

Matt once fell face first into a display of cacti at a grocery store.

Jennifer Mccaulliff – Staff Writer
Jenn has also written for the VSP Podcast with Steve Patterson, JFL Galas, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, performed for the troops, and at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jenn ran away to Mexico for 3 months at 14 but came back in time for grade ten so as to not miss any classes (she failed)

Jon Steinberg – Staff Writer
As well as writing for Steve Patterson’s VSP Podcast and The Smartass-ociates, our writer Jon Steinberg has appeared at the Just for Laughs Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Jon once won $200 over a season in a cash curling league, (not factoring in the $250 annual fee.)

Jeremy Woodcock – Staff Writer
Jeremy has has been a staff writer for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, performed stand-up comedy at the Just For Laughs and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals, and co-created/stars in the popular video series The Urbane Explorer/Finding Bessarion.

A 3x Canadian Comedy Award–winner and published humour columnist, he also wrote your favourite joke, the one about the fish trying to get a job at a bank.